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Hiring: Organizer/Driver Rep

Drivers Union was built by and for gig workers, primarily Uber and Lyft drivers, to fight for justice and fairness in the gig economy.  Drivers Union has won nation-leading earnings protections, due process rights, a wide range of benefits, and a voice for drivers in their work lives. Drivers have fought long and hard to establish these rights, and we are looking for staff who will help us continue to advance social and economic justice for workers and their communities.    Read more

Protection on the Road with DisplayRide

For a feeling of security on the road and protection from unfair deactivation, many rideshare drivers turn to dashcam technology. To help make this option easier and more affordable, Drivers Union has partnered with Display Ride for a special offer only for Drivers Union members. Read more

Unemployment Insurance: A Drivers Union Guide

Thanks to your advocacy through Drivers Union, UBER and LYFT drivers in Washington can be eligible for unemployment benefits when they're not able to work. Read on to understand how Unemployment Insurance can work for you, and click here for support filing an Unemployment Insurance claim. Read more

The Assault on Delivery Driver Pay

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to pass PayUp but are now allowing delivery app companies to present “solutions” to a problem they created with junk fees intended to punish Seattlites and build pressure to roll back worker rights and pay protections. And instead of taking meaningful driver input, the Council has allowed Drive Forward, an UBER founded and funded trade association, to act as a fake representative of delivery drivers while promoting policies to cut their pay. Read more

Survivor Benefits Expanded in Groundbreaking Victory for WA Drivers

Governor Jay Inslee has signed into law HB 2382, Washington’s groundbreak legislation to expand death benefits under the state workers compensation system for the families of rideshare drivers who are killed while working. The legislation, sponsored by Representative Liz Berry and Senator Rebecca Saldaña, expanded existing protections for UBER and LYFT drivers who lose their life on the job. Previously, if a driver was killed on the job while waiting for their next ride, surviving family members would be ineligible for the survivor death benefits afforded to all other workers as part of the Workers’ Compensation program. With the signing of HB 2382, when tragedy strikes, families will now be eligible to receive the survivor benefit regardless of whether they have a passenger in the car or are waiting to receive their next trip. Read more

$136 Million to UBER CEO as Driver Pay Falls

Last week, UBER CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was granted stock options valued at over $136 million as UBER stock prices and corporate profits continue to soar, with the company now valued at over $120 billion. Meanwhile, drivers across the country experience an ongoing erosion of earnings as the company increasingly moves towards algorithmic pay discrimination, using complex technology to offer each driver the absolute minimum fare that they’ll accept. Read more

National Driver Groups Oppose Deceptive NY Pay Floor

The recent NY AG settlement with Uber and Lyft promises a minimum pay for drivers. But the devil is in the details, and this agreement short changes drivers with actual pay of under $5/hour after expenses. TNC drivers deserve better! Read more

Is LYFT illegally cutting your pay?

Is LYFT illegally cutting your pay? Washington rental drivers report hidden deductions that bring their pay below the state mandated minimum wage. Read more

Airport Waiting Area: Share Your Feedback

Following advocacy from Drivers Union, the Port of Seattle is launching a pilot program for an expanded Virtual Waiting Area for TNC drivers qualified to enter the airport queue. Read more

2024 Pay Increase Announced

  Every year, your pay rate increases! This year's annual Cost Of Living Adjustment for UBER and LYFT  and other TNC drivers has just been announced. Read on to learn how this will impact your earnings in 2024. Read more

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