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ALERT: UBER & LYFT Drivers Targeted by Scammers

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Scams targeting Seattle UBER and LYFT drivers are on the rise, and can cost unaware drivers their earnings. Be on the lookout for suspicious calls or in-app messages that may be attempting to gain access to your accounts.

Most of these scams work the same way. Scammers will contact drivers, either over the phone or through in-app chat, pretending to be UBER or LYFT. Scam calls might even be “spoofed”, which means they’ve been disguised to look like they are coming from UBER or LYFT. 

The scammers tell drivers that they need to gain access to their account to fix some problem. Once they’ve obtained the drivers’ login information, they’re able to upload their own payment method and steal the drivers’ earnings. They may also edit the drivers’ account information to prevent them from logging back in.

While these scams have become more common, they are avoidable. Drivers can keep their accounts secure by remembering these tips:

NEVER give your account password, email address, or phone number to anyone over the phone or by chat.

NEVER share any verification code by chat or phone; it should only be entered directly into the UBER or LYFT app or website.

NEVER upload a payment method that you did not open yourself.

If you get a call or text message about your UBER or LYFT account, DO NOT call any numbers or click on any links.

For additional resources on staying safe from financial scams, please visit the relevant UBER and LYFT pages.

By guarding your account’s security, you can protect yourself from these scams and keep your earnings safe!

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