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National Driver Groups Oppose Deceptive NY Pay Floor

The recent NY AG settlement with Uber and Lyft promises a minimum pay for drivers. But the devil is in the details, and this agreement short changes drivers with actual pay of under $5/hour after expenses. TNC drivers deserve better! Read more

Is LYFT illegally cutting your pay?

Is LYFT illegally cutting your pay? Washington rental drivers report hidden deductions that bring their pay below the state mandated minimum wage. Read more

Airport Waiting Area: Share Your Feedback

Following advocacy from Drivers Union, the Port of Seattle is launching a pilot program for an expanded Virtual Waiting Area for TNC drivers qualified to enter the airport queue. Read more

2024 Pay Increase Announced

  Every year, your pay rate increases! This year's annual Cost Of Living Adjustment for UBER and LYFT  and other TNC drivers has just been announced. Read on to learn how this will impact your earnings in 2024. Read more

Hiring: Paralegal

Drivers Union is seeking a full-time Assistant Staff Attorney who can provide a full range of support to the organization and the workers that Drivers Union serves. Read more

UW study finds widespread racial bias in UBER & LYFT driver terminations

A study released today by the University of Washington Information School has found racial bias in UBER and LYFT processes for terminating drivers, arbitrary and excessive terminations of drivers, and a widespread failure to inform drivers of the reason for their termination or conduct meaningful investigations prior to termination. However, researchers also found that, under the nation’s first just cause protections against unfair termination for UBER and LYFT drivers, 80% of terminated drivers were reinstated after receiving culturally competent union representation. Read more

ALERT: UBER & LYFT Drivers Targeted by Scammers

Scams targeting Seattle UBER and LYFT drivers are on the rise, and can cost unaware drivers their earnings. Be on the lookout for suspicious calls or in-app messages that may be attempting to gain access to your accounts. Read more

Lyft Drivers Win Nearly $200,000 In Back Pay!

This investigation put money back in the pockets of drivers, with LYFT paying a total of $192,991.30 to those impacted by the error. This is what effective enforcement of your labor rights looks like; rights that we wouldn’t have without drivers coming together to build driver power and take our fight to the Statehouse! It is that fight - and the victories drivers achieved - that makes Washington one of the few places in the country to hold UBER and LYFT to account with the minimum fair pay standards that make this type of enforcement action possible. We salute the Department of Labor and Industries for their tireless work on behalf of drivers and other workers facing labor rights violations. But the fight is never over! Have you experienced violations of your rights on the road? Do you believe you may have received less than the full pay to which you’re entitled? Reach out to Drivers Union and let our team of experienced driver advocates help you enforce your rights. Drivers Union is the voice for UBER, LYFT, and other TNC drivers in Washington State, facilitating driver organizing, advocating for drivers at the policy and regulatory levels, and operating the Driver Resource Center, which provides outreach and support to the state’s tens of thousands of drivers. To support the work of Drivers Union and help build driver power, please consider becoming a member today. Read more

New Guidelines for For-Hire permits

New Guidelines for For-Hire permits Read more

Historic Paid Family & Medical Leave Win for WA Drivers

Today, with the passage HB 1570 in the Washington State Senate, UBER & LYFT drivers in Washington state will become the first in the nation to win the right to Paid Family and Medical Leave. Read more

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