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O'Brien Proposal Would Give Uber Drivers a Voice

You know something is afoul in Seattle’s for-hire industry when a driver for a $50 billion company like Uber looks at his tax return and discovers that he made less than $3/hr last year. But that is the reality workers like Takele Gobena are facing in the new "gig economy" as they try to cobble together a living without access to basic rights and protections of traditional employees. Because they are classified as independent contractors, for-hire drivers don't have the ability to unionize through a traditional NLRB election process, and they aren't covered by Seattle's wage theft, sick leave, or new $15/hr minimum wage law. Read more

Teamsters Call for Worker Protections in New "Gig Economy"

Teamsters who have partnered with members of the App-Based Drivers' Association have been in the news recently talking about the impact that the so-called "Gig Economy" is having on workers. On Friday, July 24, Dawn Gearhart, a Business Representative at Teamsters Local 117, appeared on national news to call for sensible regulation of companies like Uber to ensure that workers are treated fairly and have an opportunity to earn a living wage. Read more

ABDA Newsletter - Summer 2015

Find out what's happening with app-based drivers in the Seattle area in our ABDA newsletter!  This issue contains a list of the association's recent accomplishments, a photo of our new leadership council, and a membership application.   You can view the newsletter for ABDA here. 

Uber drivers are employees, reports Business Insider

The following was reported today by Business Insider:  The California labor commission has ruled Uber drivers are employees, Reuters reports.  It's potentially a huge blow to Uber's business model, at least in California.The decision was made after a San Francisco driver, Barbara Ann Berwick, filed a claim against the company. The commission sided with her largely because it deemed Uber was "involved in every aspect of the operation." Uber is appealing the ruling. Read more

Success in Olympia!

  On May 11th, 2015, Governor Inslee signed into law Senate Bill 5550.  Through your collective action, your right to be heard by your city and county government is protected!  This bill additionally makes L&I optional and provides you with real insurance options.  Congratulations!  When we fight, we win!

App-based drivers demand fairness and respect

Limousine and app-based drivers packed the Teamsters Union hall on Sunday to demand fairness and a level playing field in Seattle’s personal transportation industry. The event comes just under a year after the founding of the App-Based Drivers’ Association last May. Read more

TNC Drivers Set to Expand App-Based Drivers' Association

Town cars and app-based drivers from Uber, UberX, Uber Black, Uber XL, Lyft and Sidecar will gather at the Teamsters building in Tukwila this Sunday, May 3 at 4 P.M. in an effort to expand the App-Based Drivers’ Association designed to protect drivers’ rights, promote public safety, and raise standards across Seattle’s personal transportation industry. TNC drivers will be joined by community and political leaders at the event, including members of the Washington State Legislature, King County Council, and Seattle City Council as well as representatives from the Ethiopian and Sudanese community centers. Read more

Uber Drivers, Teamsters Protest on National Day of Action for Higher Wages

On April 15th, ABDA members, along with union workers, organizers, and community members, marched for a fair living wage.  The first stop along the march, which began at Occidental Park, was the Uber headquarters.   Read more

Drivers Association Founding Meeting

Join drivers from Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar for a meeting to form a new App-Based Drivers Association so that we can have a voice and win justice, dignity, and respect at work! Read more

Uber Drivers Take their Concerns to Olympia

Dozens of Uber drivers and drivers from other transportation network companies (TNCs) traveled to Olympia today to express their concerns about proposed policies that would limit their voice at work. Drivers also met with legislators to discuss issues such as public safety, driver safety, insurance regulations, working conditions, and low pay. “Driving for Uber has become a path to poverty,” said Tracey Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 117.  “You know something is wrong when you have a company that is valued at $40 billion and its drivers can’t afford to pay the rent or put food on the table for their families.”   Read more


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