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Higher pay for Uber/Lyft drivers is on the way

This week, the Seattle Office of Labor Standards announced the first cost-of-living pay increases for Uber/Lyft drivers under Seattle’s Fair Pay law. Read more

Drivers Victory on Airport Access

A major victory for drivers in our “Let Us Work” Campaign. Read more

$3.4M Uber Paid Sick Days Settlement

Uber drivers benefit from largest settlement in history of Seattle Office of Labor Standards Read more

Drivers Union to Launch New Support Services July 1

On July 1, Seattle Uber and Lyft drivers will become the first gig workers in the nation to benefit from legal protections against unwarranted termination when the City’s groundbreaking Deactivation Rights Ordinance is implemented.  Read more

Drivers Union is hiring for several positions!

We're hiring!  Read more

FAQ - New Deactivation Protections Start July 1

Drivers Union to Vaccinate 500 Uber & Lyft drivers on May Day

Uber and Lyft drivers are celebrating May Day by getting vaccinated at their union. Read more

Great video from RUNTA news shows Drivers Union vaccination event

Check out this fantastic video from the Runta Somali News Service showing Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers getting vaccinated in partnership with the Drivers Union at the Teamsters hall in Tukwila.


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