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Seattle Fair Pay Tracker

Big raise coming for drivers - see how much you'll be earning

Exciting news! The City of Seattle has launched a new Driver Pay Calculator to calculate minimum per-trip earnings under the City’s fair pay standard! Read more

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Extension

The Drivers Union and Teamsters 117 have been working hard to make sure drivers have access to unemployment benefits to get you through this difficult time. Read more

We did it! Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signs Fair Pay into law

Today, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signed Fair Pay into law for Uber and Lyft drivers. Read more


Seattle City Council just voted to raise pay for Uber and Lyft drivers by 40%! Read more

Uber and Lyft drivers celebrate passage of fair pay in Seattle

Drivers Union president Peter Kuel (r) with his daughter at City Hall. Kuel has been fighting for fair pay for Uber drivers since 2014. Read more

Council committee approves drivers demands for a 40% raise in Seattle

A Seattle City Council committee just voted to increase the pay raise for Uber and Lyft drivers in the proposed Fare Share Plan. Read more

Drivers Union delivers petition from over 1600 drivers supporting fair pay

Today, Uber and Lyft drivers with the Drivers Union delivered a petition signed by over 1,600 drivers calling for fair pay. Read more

A raise for Uber & Lyft drivers will ease racial inequity

Peter Kuel has been fighting for fair pay for Uber and Lyft drivers for 9 years. We are Uber and Lyft drivers, essential workers in greater Seattle’s ever-expanding network of transportation options.  Read more


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