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Know Your Rights

Washington’s Fair Pay Standard

Rates for Seattle TNC drivers, the highest in the nation, have increased to $1.50/mile and 64¢/minute with a trip minimum of $5.62. Rates for the rest of Washington have increased to $1.27/mile and 37¢/minute, the highest statewide pay standard in the nation, with a trip minimum of $3.26. These rates are inflation indexed, meaning that they’ll adjust every year to keep pace with rising inflation. This new raise means that:

  • Pay for King, Snohomish & Whatcom County drivers has increased 97% per minute and 14% mile
  • Pay for Spokane drivers has increased 147% per minute and 29% mile
  • Pay for Vancouver drivers has increased 54% per minute and 80% mile
  • Pay for Tacoma drivers has increased 279% per minute and 53% mile

Become a Drivers Union member now to join the fight to expand driver rights, or let us know if your rights are being violated.

Paid Sick Time

By organizing together through Drivers Union, UBER and LYFT drivers in Washington state are the only drivers in the country to win the right to paid sick time! 

You can use paid sick time for yourself or a family member for a mental or physical illness, to go to the doctor, for leave related to domestic violence, or during a deactivation. 

Click here for more information on how to claim your paid sick time.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance provides medical benefits and wage replacement to workers who are injured on the job. Most commonly for drivers, this will involve acute injuries, such as those sustained in vehicle collisions. However, workers compensation can also cover long term conditions, such as lower back pain, when they result from the ongoing performance of work duties.

Washington UBER and LYFT drivers are entitled to Workers’ Compensation insurance for any injury or illness incurred from the time you accept a ride until the time that ride ends, including the period during which you’re driving to pick up the passenger.

Click here for more information on how to start your Workers’ Compensation claim.


If you’ve been deactivated, you have the right to appeal any unfair deactivation. Drivers Union’s legal team will support your deactivation appeals, representing you through the process to ensure your ability to contest unfair and arbitrary deactivations. 

Click here for additional information and support if you believe you’ve been unfairly deactivated.


Drivers Union fights for driver rights and keeps fighting to ensure that those rights are respected. If you believe that any of your rights have been violated, including the fair pay standard, paid sick time, Workers’ Compensation rights or any other violation of your rights under the law, click here for Drivers Union support to enforce your rights.

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