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Paid Sick Time

By organizing together through Drivers Union, UBER and LYFT drivers in Washington state are the only drivers in the country to win the right to paid sick time! 

You can use your paid sick time for yourself or a family member for a mental or physical illness, to go to the doctor, for leave related to domestic violence, or during a deactivation. 

How do I claim paid sick time?

  • UBER: Click here to claim paid sick time on Uber, or claim in the UBER driver app at “Help” >> “Earnings and Payments” >> “General Earnings Information” >> “Washington Paid Sick Time”
  • LYFT: To claim on the Lyft driver app, tap on the dollar amount at the top of your screen, and then scroll down to select “Washington Paid Sick Time”

How do I earn paid sick time?

  • You earn one hour of paid sick time for every 40 hours with a rider. You can use your paid sick time in four hour blocks. 

How is paid sick time calculated? 

  • Your rate of sick pay is based on your average earnings over the past year.  Your hourly rate is calculated by dividing your total earnings by your total time with a rider in Washington over the past 12 months. For example, if you earned $2,500 and drove for 40 hours with a rider, your hourly paid sick time rate would equal $62.50.

What do I do if I can’t access my paid sick time?

How did drivers win paid sick time?

  • Drivers organized together with Drivers Union to win the nation’s only paid sick time benefits. Join Drivers Union today to continue fighting to win the country’s strongest driver rights!

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