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Injured While Driving?

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What is workers’ compensation?

Workers compensation insurance provides medical benefits and wage replacement to workers who are injured on the job. Most commonly for drivers, this will involve acute injuries, such as those sustained in vehicle collisions. However, workers compensation can also cover long term conditions, such as lower back pain, when they result from the ongoing performance of work duties.

When am I entitled to workers’ compensation?

Washington UBER and LYFT drivers are entitled to workers’ compensation insurance for any injury or illness incurred from the time you accept a ride until the time that ride ends, including the period during which you’re driving to pick up the passenger.

How can I start a workers’ compensation claim?

You can file your claim either before visiting the doctor (recommended), or at your first medical visit. To start your claim before visiting the doctor, please fill out the form below and a Drivers Union representative will reach out to assist you with the claim. You can also file your claim at your first medical consultation when having your injury evaluated. Either way, your first doctor’s visit about the injury in your claim, which will determine your eligibility for workers’ compensation coverage of future medical visits, will be paid for by workers’ compensation insurance. 

When can I file a claim?

It’s always best to begin a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible following an accident. However, claims may be filed within one year of the injury occurring, or within two years of the time when the doctor tells you, in writing, that your condition is work related.

For support with a Workers' Compensation claim, please complete the below form. A Drivers Union representative will follow up with you shortly:


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