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Drivers to Rally at Seattle City Hall on November 18

Drivers from Seattle's for-hire industry and community members will deliver a petition to the Seattle City Council on Wednesday, November 18, calling on the council to pass legislation that will give taxi, for-hire, and TNC drivers a voice and the right to collectively bargain over their wages and working conditions. The event will take place at the plaza in front of City Hall (600 4th Ave.) starting at 11 a.m.  The coming days are crucial as the City Council considers Councilmember Mike O'Brien's A Voice for Drivers proposal. The proposal unanimously passed out of the city council's finance committee in October. 

Uber Drivers Organize Nationwide Strike

Uber drivers across the country are speaking out and charging the company with unfair practices. The company's drivers organized a 3-day strike over the weekend demanding, among other things, an end to wrongful deactivation, fair wages, and the ability to earn tips.  The San Francisco Examiner details the drivers' protest in front of Uber's corporate headquarters: Read more

Thank the Seattle City Council for Passing Drivers' Bill out of Committee!

On October 2, drivers in Seattle's for-hire industry took another huge step towards having dignity and a voice at work!  Your calls, emails, and outstanding showing of support helped to secure a unanimous 7-0 vote at Seattle City Council’s meeting of the Finance and Culture Committee. Let's thank the members of the City Council who voted to support this groundbreaking legislation!  Fill out your information below to send an email to the Councilmembers who are supporting drivers. Thank you!

Drivers are a Step Closer to Winning a Voice at Work!

Last Friday, drivers in Seattle's for-hire industry took another huge step towards having dignity and a voice at work!  Your calls, emails, meetings, and outstanding showing of support helped to secure a unanimous 7-0 vote at Seattle City Council’s meeting of the Finance and Culture Committee.  The passage of this legislation is being followed nationally and has already made news locally.  Read more

ACT NOW: Tell the City of Seattle to Give Drivers a Voice!

ACT NOW! Help Taxi, For-Hire, and App-Based Drivers Win a Voice! Drivers need a voice at work. Legislation before the City Council would give drivers in Seattle's for-hire industry the opportunity to have a voice on the job by coming together to collectively negotiate over their pay and working conditions.   Please send an email to the Mayor and City Council supporting this innovative legislation so that drivers can work in the dignified conditions they deserve! Enter your contact info below to send an email to elected officials and help drivers win a voice at work!

PETITION: Sign the Bill of Rights for Passengers and Drivers!

Changes in the economy have led to poor working conditions and low pay for drivers in Seattle's for-hire industry.  Things have gotten so bad that Uber drivers like Takele Gobena are reporting making less than $3/hr.  You can HELP DRIVERS NOW and ensure that the public is protected by signing a Bill of Rights for Passengers and Drivers in the On-Demand economy:  PASSENGER AND DRIVERS’ BILL OF RIGHTS - SIGN HERE Your support will help pressure companies to treat drivers fairly and keep you informed about new legislation designed to give for-hire drivers a voice. Please sign now! Thank you!

O'Brien Proposal Would Give Uber Drivers a Voice

You know something is afoul in Seattle’s for-hire industry when a driver for a $50 billion company like Uber looks at his tax return and discovers that he made less than $3/hr last year. But that is the reality workers like Takele Gobena are facing in the new "gig economy" as they try to cobble together a living without access to basic rights and protections of traditional employees. Because they are classified as independent contractors, for-hire drivers don't have the ability to unionize through a traditional NLRB election process, and they aren't covered by Seattle's wage theft, sick leave, or new $15/hr minimum wage law. Read more

Teamsters Call for Worker Protections in New "Gig Economy"

Teamsters who have partnered with members of the App-Based Drivers' Association have been in the news recently talking about the impact that the so-called "Gig Economy" is having on workers. On Friday, July 24, Dawn Gearhart, a Business Representative at Teamsters Local 117, appeared on national news to call for sensible regulation of companies like Uber to ensure that workers are treated fairly and have an opportunity to earn a living wage. Read more

ABDA Newsletter - Summer 2015

Find out what's happening with app-based drivers in the Seattle area in our ABDA newsletter!  This issue contains a list of the association's recent accomplishments, a photo of our new leadership council, and a membership application.   You can view the newsletter for ABDA here. 

Uber drivers are employees, reports Business Insider

The following was reported today by Business Insider:  The California labor commission has ruled Uber drivers are employees, Reuters reports.  It's potentially a huge blow to Uber's business model, at least in California.The decision was made after a San Francisco driver, Barbara Ann Berwick, filed a claim against the company. The commission sided with her largely because it deemed Uber was "involved in every aspect of the operation." Uber is appealing the ruling. Read more


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