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Top 5 myths from Uber and Lyft


The Seattle Mayor is expected to introduce legislation to raise pay for Uber and Lyft drivers very soon. 

So, lobbyists for Uber and Lyft are busy making excuses for why drivers like you don’t deserve fair pay. As the fight heats up, we wanted to share the top 5 myths you can expect to hear – and what’s the truth.

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Uber and Lyft say: If drivers win fair pay, you will lose flexibility
But the truth is: Uber and Lyft want to scare drivers away from demanding the raise you deserve. The truth is drivers can win both fair pay and flexibility.

Uber and Lyft say: Driver expenses are low
But the truth is: The truth is drivers have a lot of expenses – expensive vehicles, gas, repairs, maintenance, depreciation, insurance, car washes, cell data, and more. You deserve to earn a living wage AFTER expenses!

Uber and Lyft say: Driving is not a real job – it’s just a part-time side hustle
But the truth is: Driving is tough, demanding work. For many drivers, especially those in diverse, immigrant communities, it’s a full-time job where drivers are on the road long hours to support their families. But no matter how much you drive, the truth is ALL drivers deserve a raise!

Uber and Lyft say: If drivers get a raise, you will get fewer trips
But the truth is: This is the same logic they use every time they cut driver pay – “If we pay you less money, you’ll make more. Trust us.” It wasn’t true then, and it’s not true now. The fight for fair pay is about putting more money in drivers’ pockets. Period.

Uber and Lyft say: Uber and Lyft are looking out for drivers’ best interests
But the truth is: Uber and Lyft are fighting to protect their own corporate bottom line. Drivers can only win fairness by organizing together and demanding it.

At Drivers Union, we know drivers are too smart to fall for these tricks. But, we’ve got to make sure lawmakers and the public know the truth.

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