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We did it! Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signs Fair Pay into law

Today, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signed Fair Pay into law for Uber and Lyft drivers. Read more


Seattle City Council just voted to raise pay for Uber and Lyft drivers by 40%! Read more

Uber and Lyft drivers celebrate passage of fair pay in Seattle

Uber and Lyft drivers with the Drivers Union celebrated the passage of a Fair Pay standard by a unanimous 9-0 vote, further cementing Seattle’s position as a national leader on groundbreaking labor protections for gig workers.  Read more

Council committee approves drivers demands for a 40% raise in Seattle

Drivers close to winning a 40% raise in Seattle Read more

Drivers Union delivers petition from over 1600 drivers supporting fair pay

Drivers Union delivered a petition signed by over 1,600 drivers calling for fair pay. Read more

A raise for Uber & Lyft drivers will ease racial inequity

We are Uber and Lyft drivers, essential workers in greater Seattle’s ever-expanding network of transportation options.  Read more

Seattle fair pay legislation introduced - pay would go up 30%

Today, legislation was officially introduced to raise pay for Uber and Lyft drivers by 30%. Read more

What's the Fare Share difference?

The Fare Share proposal would raise driver pay by 30% on average. Read more

Here is How Fare Share Raises Driver Pay

The Mayor of Seattle has proposed raising pay for Uber and Lyft drivers by 30%.  Read more

*Breaking* Pay Raise for Uber & Lyft Drivers

The Mayor of Seattle just announced legislation to raise pay for Uber and Lyft drivers by at least 30%. Read more

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