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Drivers Union Applauds Call for Fair Pay for Uber/Lyft Drivers

Today, Uber and Lyft drivers with the Drivers Union called recommendations released in an independent academic study of Uber/Lyft driver earnings in Seattle a “major step towards fairness,” while calling for additional measures to ensure a living wage for drivers and transparency for riders. Read more

Drivers Union: Fight to end racism and bring economic justice for all

We share in the grief and outrage at the murder of Brother George Floyd and stand in solidarity with his family and the families of so many other innocent black and brown people who have been killed by the police. Read more

Victory! Uber/Lyft Drivers Win Sick Pay

Drivers Union and Teamsters 117 won an important victory to support drivers who are still working during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more

Paid Sick Days for Drivers

Uber/Lyft Unemployment Assistance Survey

FAQ - How Uber and Lyft drivers can apply for unemployment benefits

FAQ - How Uber and Lyft drivers can apply for unemployment benefits Read more

Uber's new COVID sick plan caps pay at just $5.74/hr

Drivers Union says Uber plan hides limitations and exclusions in the fine print. Read more

Top 5 Myths about Unemployment for Uber and Lyft Drivers

There is a lot of confusion about access to unemployment assistance for Uber and Lyft drivers during the COVID-19 crisis.   Read more

Take action now! Relief for drivers is one step closer

Because of drivers taking action and aggressive advocacy from your Union, we are one step closer to securing urgently needed emergency relief for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers.  Read more

COVID-19 Emergency Resource Guide for Drivers

As the COVID-19 impacts workers across our state, we are compiling emergency resources to help you and your family in this time of crisis. Read more

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