Unemployment Insurance Benefits Extension - Drivers Union

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Extension

The Drivers Union and Teamsters 117 have been working hard to make sure drivers have access to unemployment benefits to get you through this difficult time.

Drivers who have been receiving unemployment benefits since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic may be running out of their regular and PEUC benefits.

Fortunately, drivers will be able to apply for 13 weeks of Extended Benefits.

You will receive a letter about two weeks before your PEUC claim runs out that provides more details about Extended Benefits and prompts you to apply. The easiest way to apply is in your eServices account.

These benefits will be at the same level as previous benefits. Currently, there are no job search requirements attached to these benefits, although this could change in the future.

As always, your Drivers Union team is available to help with issues related to unemployment benefits or other concerns you may have.

This would be a great time to activate your Drivers Union membership! Please sign up here.

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