Paid Family & Medical Leave

Drivers in front of the Washington State Capitol

Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) benefits are now available for rideshare drivers, under a first-in-the-nation pilot program administered by the Washington State Employment Security Department.

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This means that you can access paid leave for up to 12 weeks when you or your family experience a serious medical condition or birth of a child, or up to 16 weeks paid combined medical and family leave in some cases.

Rideshare drivers* have no cost to participate. Drivers Union provides free driver support, and premium costs are paid by the rideshare companies.

You may qualify for Paid Family and Medical Leave if you:

  • Have a serious health condition that prevents you from working
  • Need to care for a family members with a serious health condition
  • Have certain events connected to a family member’s active-duty military service
  • Welcome a new child into your family

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Like all eligible Washington workers, rideshare drivers will be able to access this benefit only after working a minimum of 820 hours after enrolling. Enroll today to ensure that PFML is available for you when you most need it.

*This includes drivers for Uber, Lyft, HopSkipDrive, and Via.

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