Big raise coming next year - see how much you'll be earning - Drivers Union

Big raise coming for drivers - see how much you'll be earning


Exciting news! The City of Seattle has launched a new Driver Pay Calculator to calculate minimum per-trip earnings under the City’s fair pay standard!

Thanks to the hard work of the Drivers Union, Teamsters 117, and drivers like you, Uber and Lyft drivers will get a big per-minute and per-mile raise starting January 1.

The 2021 minimum pay rates will be $1.33 per mile and $0.57 per minute on every trip, after a three-month phase in period. 

To demonstrate how this pay raise will impact your per-trip earnings, the City of Seattle has developed an online Driver Pay Calculator.

We urge you to check it out today, and plug in estimated hours and minutes on a typical trip. The calculator will tell you the minimum you must be paid for that trip, after whatever Uber or Lyft decide to take. The pay rates increase each month from January to April, so you will need to enter a sample month.

This Drivers Union victory wouldn’t have happened without drivers standing united for fair pay. When we fight together, we win!

Now would be a great time to activate your Drivers Union membership.

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