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Here is How Fare Share Raises Driver Pay


The Mayor of Seattle has proposed raising pay for Uber and Lyft drivers by 30%. 

How does the Mayor’s Fare Share plan raise driver pay?

  1. Fare Share triples driver pay per-minute from $0.18 to $0.56 at a minimum
  2. Fare Share stops cuts to per-mile pay, with a minimum of $1.17 per mile
  3. Fare Share makes annual adjustments, with pay increases as cost of living rises

That would translate into a 30% raise on average if passed into law.

What would Fare Share pay raises look like on typical trips?

  • A trip that used to pay $10, would instead pay the driver about $13
  • A $20 trip would increase to around $26
  • A $30 trip would increase to almost $40 in the driver’s pocket

Add it up throughout the day, and a driver is estimated to increase earnings by more than $65 after 10 hours of work.

Want to check for yourself? Take a look at your most recent trips and calculate how much you would have been paid if you were paid $0.56/minute and $1.17/mile.

Do drivers deserve to be paid even better than this?

YES! That's why Drivers Union is fighting to build on the plan with higher per-mile pay, fairness & transparency on commissions, protections for Blackcar & SUV drivers, and other living wage improvements.

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