Seattle fair pay legislation introduced - pay would go up 30% - Drivers Union

Seattle fair pay legislation introduced - pay would go up 30%


Today, legislation was officially introduced to raise pay for Uber and Lyft drivers by 30%.

Over the next few weeks, Seattle City Council will vote on whether drivers like you should be treated fairly and deserve a pay raise.

Sign our petition for FAIR PAY NOW.

Drivers Union has led a multi-year campaign to put Fair Pay on the agenda at City Hall. Now it’s finally here.

That’s why Uber and Lyft are using scare tactics and misinformation to try to stop drivers from winning the pay raise you deserve.

Get the facts:

This is our moment.

Sign the petition for FAIR PAY NOW.

Check out this testimony from driver Fana Abreha at today's City Council hearing:


The cost of living is going up every year. Our rent is going up and our income is going down. My husband drives very long hours to cover our expenses. Because of that, our kids don't see him very often. All we're asking for today is fair pay, just to keep up with inflation."

- Fana Abreha, Uber & Lyft driver

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