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Survey Finds Drivers Union Crucial to Connecting Drivers to Support



A recent survey conducted by Drivers Union found that more often than not, when King County Uber and Lyft drivers have accessed support services and benefits, Drivers Union has facilitated that access.

The survey, conducted in June of 2022, reached 277 drivers who drive for Uber and Lyft in King County. The main purpose of the survey was to better understand what support services and benefits are most important to drivers and how they’re able to access those services.

King County drivers are regularly accessing support services! 

About two-thirds of drivers accessed unemployment benefits, PPE, vaccine clinics, and paid sick leave. Drivers surveyed also accessed Medicaid, SNAP, rental assistance, and food banks. Drivers Union works every day to reach Uber and Lyft drivers and make them aware of support services available to them. This survey result validates the many hours our field outreach team spends making one-on-one contacts with drivers, embedding within the community to understand their needs and help them access support services.

Drivers Union plays a crucial role helping drivers access support! 

Drivers Union representatives helped connect drivers to supports and benefits in all of the categories surveyed. More than half of the time that drivers accessed paid sick leave, PPE, or vaccine clinics, Drivers Union either provided the service or helped drivers access it. During the height of the Covid pandemic 78% of drivers who received PPE received it from Drivers Union. And nearly half of drivers who received unemployment benefits were supported by Drivers Union to access them.

These survey results demonstrate the ongoing need for driver solidarity expressed through driver-led outreach and support to our community.  The overwhelming majority of our field team are first generation immigrants or refugees who reflect the demographics of the TNC driver community. Our staff speaks a collective 14 of the languages most common among TNC drivers. And in the case of this survey, responses were collected by active TNC drivers trained in survey administration. 

To effectively serve hard to reach populations, we must know who they are, what they need, the services they value, and if and how they’re able to access them. Drivers Union is proud to be on the ground where drivers are, understanding their needs and helping to ensure they’re met.

Click here to download the complete survey report.

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