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New Guidelines for For-Hire permits


King County has recently made changes to the for-hire permit process. Most importantly, for-hire permits and TNC vehicle decals must now be picked up in-person after they have been approved. Read our guide below for the latest permitting steps, and join Drivers Union today to help build driver power and fight for driver rights.

For-Hire Permit Guide:

  • Step 1: Upload all documents into the UBER or LYFT app, including your most recent Driver License and vehicle inspection from a city-approved mechanic
  • Step 2: UBER or LYFT submits your application to King County
  • Step 3: King County informs UBER or LYFT when your application is approved or if there are any problems
  • Step 4: UBER or LYFT sends you a message that your permit is ready for pick-up or explaining any problems
  • Step 5: Pick up your permit and decal at 201 S Jackson Street, Suite 206. (NOTE: King County advises drivers to come in-person only after you have been notified by UBER or LYFT that your application has been approved or you have verified online that King County has issued a new expiration date for your for-hire Permit). 

To help your for-hire permit application go smoothly, always remember to:

  • Make sure all documents are valid for at least 60 days after you upload them
  • Make sure you have uploaded your most recent Drivers License to UBER and LYFT, as your license number may have changed at renewal
  • Obtain a passing vehicle inspection annually from an approved city mechanic You can check if your permit application has been approved by entering your for-hire number in the “Search for-hire Driver Licenses and Permits” tool available here. This information is updated daily overnight. Once you have been issued a new expiration date, your permit is ready for pick-up.
  • A TNC vehicle decal is only valid for the vehicle it was issued for.  Do not remove a TNC vehicle decal from one vehicle to place it on another. If you need a TNC vehicle decal for a new vehicle, contact UBER or LYFT and ask them to submit an application for a new vehicle endorsement.
  • If your TNC vehicle decal has been damaged and needs to be replaced, email [email protected] with 
    • Your first and last name
    • Your for-hire #
    • Your original TNC vehicle endorsement #
    • Your driver’s license number
    • The year, make, model and license plate of your vehicle
    • The reason why you need a replacement (be specific, i.e. “new windshield” etc.)

For renewal assistance, including investigation of your application status and evaluation of your legal rights if your permit renewal has been delayed through no fault of your own, contact Drivers Union for support.

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