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Drivers Union - Terms of Membership

I, the undersigned, hereby apply for membership in Drivers Union. If admitted to membership, I agree to abide by the By-Laws of the Union. I will faithfully perform all the duties assigned to me to the best of my ability. I will conduct myself at all times in a manner as not to bring reproach upon my Union. I understand that to remain a member in good standing that I must be current in my monthly dues and that failure to pay my monthly dues will result in my membership and privileges being revoked. I will never knowingly harm a fellow member, and I will never discriminate against a fellow driver on account of race, religion, sex, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, or national origin. According to the information provided on this form, I hereby authorize Drivers Union to make withdrawals from my checking/savings account OR bill my credit card on a recurring monthly basis, for the purpose of dues collection. Dues will be processed with the completion of this application. Monthly billing will occur on the day of the month that you process your first payment. I understand that should the monthly dues amount change in accordance with our governing documents the automatic withdrawal amount will be automatically updated to reflect this change, unless otherwise instructed by me, in writing. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to inform the Union of any change to address or phone number within 15 days of such change. I acknowledge that I am authorizing Drivers Union and Teamsters Local 117 to notify me via phone, text message, and email about issues involving the Union.  I understand that I may terminate this agreement at any time by providing written notice not less than 5 days prior to the next scheduled withdrawal. This authorization is to remain in effect until Drivers Union receives a written termination or change notice from me.

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