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UberX Drivers in Seattle Go on Strike!

UberX drivers are fed up.  Hundreds of drivers in Seattle turned in their phones and went on strike yesterday to protest Uber's wage gouging practices.  At the center of the debate is a 20 percent fare cut that Uber is passing on to its drivers.  

KIRO 7 was at the meeting and reported on the strike:

More than a hundred Seattle UberX drivers turned in their company cellphones on Wednesday, effectively going on strike because of a pay dispute with the company.

Drivers are upset about Uber's 20 percent fare cut earlier this month and say it is making it more difficult for them to earn a living.

Because they are independent contractors, Uber drivers cannot unionize. But they have formed the Seattle Ride-Share Drivers Association to collectively pressure the company.

City Councilmember Kshama Sawant spoke at a meeting in support of the drivers Wednesday.

The attorney representing the association told KIRO 7 Uber drivers are paid 80 percent of the fare, and when the company reduced the price, drivers have been forced to work longer hours for the same pay...

Uber's claims that drivers are "earning more" because of the fare cut are utterly ridiculous.

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