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City of Seattle Moves to Dismiss Chamber Lawsuit


The legal battle over your rights as app-based drivers to collectively bargain continues to unfold. 

As you recall, the US Chamber of Commerce is trying to stop the new law that gives drivers the right to bargain with their dispatch companies over their wages, hours and working conditions.

In March, the Chamber filed a lawsuit with the City of Seattle saying that companies like Uber and Lyft would be damaged by the new law. 

The City of Seattle responded by filing a motion to dismiss the Chamber's lawsuit. The City argued that the Chamber has not shown how Uber and other companies would be harmed by the new legislation.

As soon as the judge in the case rules on the City's motion, we will let you know. In the meantime, it is important to continue to organize and stand together with other drivers.

No matter how the legal battle plays out, the fact remains: App-based drivers need a voice. They need the ability to stand together collectively to ensure that they have basic rights and humane, dignified working conditions.

Make sure you attend our annual ABDA meeting on Sunday, July 17 and sign up to become a member of our association.

Together, we can build power and win respect for app-based drivers.

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