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Drivers are a Step Closer to Winning a Voice at Work!

Equality-photo.jpgLast Friday, drivers in Seattle's for-hire industry took another huge step towards having dignity and a voice at work! 

Your calls, emails, meetings, and outstanding showing of support helped to secure a unanimous 7-0 vote at Seattle City Council’s meeting of the Finance and Culture Committee. 

The passage of this legislation is being followed nationally and has already made news locally. 

Checkout the great coverage from Friday’s hearing here:

While we celebrate this pivotal moment, we know there is still a long road ahead for true change for drivers.  The City Council still needs to vote to pass this bill on to the Mayor.  With budget and elections looming, electeds may feel that drivers’ rights are an issue that can wait. 

We need to make sure companies, communities, and especially the City of Seattle know this is a top priority.  Drivers cannot wait one more day to have dignity on the job.

Sign the action alert below to send an email to the Mayor and the Council.  Please act now to support drivers!

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