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Drivers Victory on Airport Access

A major victory for drivers in our “Let Us Work” Campaign.


Because of Drivers Union advocacy, drivers can now work at SeaTac Airport while your For-Hire Permit renewal application is pending!

Delays in the For-Hire permitting process at King County this summer caused thousands of drivers to lose access to work at the airport.

Drivers Union led the campaign to open Airport access. Hundreds of drivers like you joined us in petitioning company executives, and elected leaders to “Let Us Work!”

The pressure worked. 

Now, drivers on both Uber and Lyft can work at the Airport while your For-Hire Permit renewal is pending. To ensure drivers can work without penalty, the Port of Seattle has agreed to a moratorium on citations for expired For-Hire permits or missing TNC stickers due to the problems with For-Hire permitting.

Our campaign to #ExpandFairness for drivers is just beginning.

If you are having problems with your For-Hire Permit renewal, Drivers Union can help investigate the status of your renewal and provide personalized next steps you can take. 

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