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february 6, 2016 - teamsters 117 hall

Celebration of Drivers' Rights

App-based, taxi, and for hire drivers gathered on Saturday, February 6, 2016 to celebrate our efforts to expand the rights of drivers working in Seattle's for-hire industry. Drivers took part is a lunch and learn presentation to learn about the new law and discuss their concerns with the industry.

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december 14, 2015 - seattle city hall

Drivers' Victory at Seattle City Hall

Drivers in Seattle’s for-hire industry won the right to collectively bargain over their wages and working conditions through an initiative passed 8-0 by the City Council. Drivers and community supporters celebrated the bill’s passage, calling it a turning point toward greater protections for workers in a changing economic landscape.

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november 18, 2015 - seattle city hall

A voice for drivers rally.

Drivers in Seattle's for-hire industry joined with dozens of community supporters to call on the City Council to pass Mike O'Brien's a Voice for Drivers legislation. The bill was passed a few weeks later.

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