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Fair Pay Status Report: Trips that Start outside Seattle


Trips that start outside Seattle

Recently, we updated you on the difficulty many drivers have faced tracking your pay raise on Uber trips that start outside of Seattle. 

Following advocacy from Drivers Union leaders on this issue, Uber has implemented some changes.

  • Uber is improving transparency on when drivers will receive supplemental payments under Seattle’s Fare Share law for trips that start outside of Seattle.
  • Uber will pay drivers supplemental payments on the Wednesday following the week the trip was completed. (Uber’s weekly earnings period starts each week on Monday at 4am.)
  • Supplemental pay emails will disclose when the driver will receive payment.

On trips that start outside of Seattle (like the Airport), the Seattle Fair Pay law requires Uber and Lyft to pay drivers at higher rates once you enter Seattle City limits.  (For more information on your rights under the law, click here.)

While drivers report that Lyft is currently paying drivers the higher Seattle rates immediately, Uber is initially paying at outside Seattle rates and then later providing a “pay supplement.”

Here’s what it looks like:

1. Original trip receipt.

Uber’s original trip receipt initially pays at outside Seattle rates.


2. Pay Supplement email.
For trips starting outside Seattle, Uber later sends drivers an email that summarizes additional pay required for Seattle time and distance. Seattle law requires drivers receive a pay receipt within 24 hours of the trip.


3. Payment in App. Uber is not currently processing payment immediately. We’re noticing that they are taking several days to post supplemental payments to drivers accounts in-app.

That creates lots of frustration and confusion, with drivers rightfully saying: “We want pay, NOT an email!” 
When payments do show up, they are called “SEA Driver Pay Law Surcharge” and are listed in “Earnings Activity” on the day the payment was added to your account (not the day that you took the trip).



Fight for Fair Rules

Drivers Union is fighting for fair rules so that drivers have a clear and transparent way to ensure you are being paid what you are owed. 
You can help Drivers Union fight to enforce your rights.  Report any violations here.

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