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Drivers deserve a voice.

Drivers for app-based technology companies like Uber have no say over their working conditions. Drivers are routinely and arbitrarily disconnected from their apps without warning or explanation. Drivers' pay has decreased radically as companies slash their pricing in an effort to undercut the competition. Drivers make huge investments in their businesses but have no job security and no place to voice their concerns. Working together with the Teamsters, ABDA provides that voice.


safety and insurance.

App-based transportation companies are operating outside of the the regulatory framework in many jurisdictions with no accountability over licensing, training, inspections, background checks, and insurance. This puts drivers and their passengers at risk. ABDA supports enacting sensible regulations that would level the playing field, protect all drivers in the industry, and keep the public safe. The Teamsters and ABDA are working together to pass legislation that would level the playing field for for-hire drivers, ensure safety for customers, and allow for fair competition throughout the industry.


a flawed rating system.

App-based drivers are generally not opposed to a rating system that allows passengers to write comments about their experience and provide feedback to drivers, but the current system used by Uber in particular is flawed. Drivers can be temporarily dropped from the app for a two-week period if they fall below a 4.7/5 on the rating system, and they can be permanently deactivated if they fall below a 4.4. Drivers have experienced low ratings after enforcing safety protocol or basic rules such as no smoking, using drugs, or consuming alcoholic beverages in their vehicles. Customers, on the other hand, can continue to request rides from Uber even if their rating is below 2, and drivers must pick them up or else run the risk of deactivation.

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