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Membership updates

Drivers Union

Drivers Union is the voice of Washington’s more than 30,000 UBER and LYFT drivers. In our role operating Washington’s Driver Resource Center, we provide support to drivers when they need it most. This includes:

These services are made possible by the membership of drivers like you, who have organized together to fight for the best pay, protections, and benefits in the nation. Your continued support allows Drivers Union to stay strong as we continue the fight to expand driver rights.

Drivers Union Benefits

As a Drivers Union Member, you enjoy exclusive access to Drivers Union Benefits. This suite of benefits is designed to ensure that you’re protected when you’re out on the road and expand your access to affordable healthcare and prescription medication. Drivers Union Benefits include:

  • Telemedicine - 24 hour free access to a physician via telemedicine
  • Drivers Assistance Program - Coaching, counseling, and more, available at no cost
  • Prescription Savings - Offers up to 85% savings on prescription medication
  • Accident Support - Free legal consultation to support you after an accident
  • Healthcare Enrollment - Support to enroll in free or low cost health insurance programs
  • Ticket Defense - Legal representation if you’re cited for a moving violation

Enforcing Your Rights

Drivers Union stands behind you when your rights are violated. If you believe that UBER or LYFT have violated your rights, our field representatives will fight on your behalf to enforce your rights.

Modifying Your Drivers Union Membership

Drivers Union membership is available at several contribution levels. Should you wish to change your contribution level or update your information, you can do so here. If you wish to cancel your Drivers Union membership, please send an email to [email protected].

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