More delays for ABDA drivers who want a voice - Drivers Union

More delays to collective bargaining law


Yesterday the city council voted to postpone writing the rules that govern the new for-hire collective bargaining law. Now drivers will have to wait until January before the city can implement the law. 

Right now there are thousands of drivers struggling to make ends meet. Drivers have been fighting for years for their right to have a voice.

The city has the opportunity to do these drivers justice by evaluating the data and setting rules that recognize the role of full-time drivers.

Here is an update from the Stranger on yesterday's vote.

Uber Drivers Seeking Unionization Face More Delays

Today marked another chapter in local politicians' ongoing effort to put off a controversial decision on Seattle's groundbreaking Uber unionization law. Seattle City Council voted to extend the deadline for making rules about how the new law will take effect, including the controversial decision about which drivers will be allowed to vote on whether to form a union.

Last year, the council passed the law allowing drivers for app-based services like Uber and Lyft to unionize, promising drivers more control over their schedules and pay. But the law handed some significant rule-making decisions to the city's Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS), including the question of who should be considered a "qualified driver" allowed to vote on unionization.


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