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Rideshare Company TappCar Welcomes Teamsters


TappCar is a new Edmonton, Canada-based ride-hailing service

The New Rideshare company invites Teamsters to organize drivers

Counter to the anti-union behavior from rival companies Uber and Lyft, TappCar a new Canadian rideshare company has welcomed the Teamsters Union to organize it's drivers. The company spokesman said unionization will help the company maintain a stable and satisfied workforce. Read more here.

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TappCar, Edmonton's newest ride-hailing service, invites Teamsters to organize drivers
By Charles Rusnell, Jennie Russell, CBC News

Edmonton-based ride-hailing service TappCar has invited the Teamsters union to unionize its future drivers in what the company says is an attempt to attract and retain top-quality drivers and, ultimately, to provide better service.

"We believe that having a unionized workforce will make our workers happy," TappCar spokesman Pascal Ryffel said. "And a happy worker is a happy customer. And I think that if we have happy customers, that will be good for our bottom line."

TappCar's two main founders - lawyers Shayne Saskiw and Jonathan Wescott - are well-known for their right-wing conservative views. Saskiw is a former Wildrose MLA and Wescott was once the Wildrose party's executive director.

But Ryffel, a former NDP staffer, said it made business sense to bring in a union.

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