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What's Uber's new "Share Adjustment"?

The typical seasonal slowdown has hit hard, but thanks to many of you there may also be some good news this winter.

Drivers have been working through your Union to demand a greater share of each ride fare to go to the driver, including signing a petition demanding drivers be paid no less than 80% of rider price.

Recently, we’ve learned about something Uber has been testing with some drivers called Share Adjustment.

Is “Share Adjustment” Uber’s answer to driver demands for Fair Pay?

Have you seen a new line item in your trip payments called “Share Adjustment?”

It looks like this.


Seattle-area drivers are reporting that Uber has started adjusting driver payments on trips where the company would have otherwise taken an extremely high percentage of what the rider paid.

Are you seeing this change? Share your experience with us. When we know more about this adjustment, we’ll share what we learn.

Of course we won’t stop here. When we organize, we can improve our pay, address deactivations, and make our jobs better. If you haven’t signed already, add your name to the petition for an 80% fare guarantee.

If you want to learn more about the Union, set up a time to meet.

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